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4th Coal Market in India by IBK Media


The 4th Coal Market in Indiarnconference organized by IBK Media was a grand success with a mix of policyrnmakers, industrialists and academicians assembled under one roof. Delegatesrnfrom across sectors like cement, steel, mining, shipping were at hand to markrntheir presence.

The event began with a talk on increasing demand for coal in Indiarnand its implications on imports and coal prices. Problems highlighted by thernpanelists included growing disparity in coal production & demand,rninsufficient infrastructure, coal price volatility and increasing coal importsrnbill. For boosting domestic production, a MDO plus PPP model for coal mining inrnIndia was suggested by Mr. Manoj Agarwal, COO, Lanco Group.

A key focus of the discussions was around the e-Auctions of coalrnby CIL and the inability of small users to benefit from it. Major reason citedrnwas muscle flexing by large pit-head plants with huge war chests oftenrnmarginalizing the small corporate completely. Correspondent suggested a possible resolution to this problem could bernachieved by tweaking the existing rules. The panelists tried to come up with anrnanswer but being a larger problem needing more debate the question was leftrnopen ended. “no model is a perfect model but we need to begin somewhere”, Mr.rnRajiv Aggarwal, Secretary, ICPPA said here.

Impact of high railway freights on the landed coal price comparedrnto  imported coal price and yet the indispensable relation betweenrnrailways and coal sector were a hot topic. Inland waterways and their use inrntransportation of coal through barges was also mentioned as a cheaperrntransportation means.

A plethora of problems and their possible solutions surrounding thernIndian Coal Sector were addressed by eminent speakers from across governmentrnand industry bodies. Mining advancements, improved efficiency of coal usingrnadditives and even global standing of the Indian coal sector were explored.rnOutline theme of the conference was around impact of coal on the economy ofrnIndia and gave an outlook on global events, making it a very comprehensivernevent.



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